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Why should you visit Bucharest?
Bucharest is a vibrant city where history blends harmoniously with modern views, and the best part is that it has countless places to visit and entertain.

Bucharest offers the unique opportunity of turning the painful (literally!) experience of treating dental problems into a mini-vacation. We are offering you an attractive package for the treatments you need and will recommend you the best places to stay. Also, we shall assist you in choosing the places worth visiting in Bucharest and in the country.

Firstly, you have to visit our city because here you will find the Palace of the Parliament, the second biggest building in the world and the largest civilian building with an administrative function. It is also the most expensive building in the world.

Parliament House

Secondly, don't miss the Old City Center, also named Lipscani. It is the ideal place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner and to go out at night. It is a mix of charming coffee shops, modern bars, and very old buildings. Old City Center is a lively place to visit and definitely a place that you must not miss during your visit in Bucharest.

Old City Center

National Village Museum gives you the chance to go back in time. Here were brought very old houses from all over the country. You will see architectural styles from various parts of the country and witness the way our ancestors lived and worked.

National Village Museum

Therme Bucharest, a 30,000 sqm wellness, relaxation and entertainment center based on thermal waters, the biggest complex of this kind in Europe. It features not only thermal water pools but also the largest indoor and outdoor garden in Romania. The garden consists of over 800,000 plants and hundreds of species of trees, including the biggest plantation of veritable palm trees in Europe, plus the attraction of the site – a Tree of Life that is one of the botanical rarities of the moment, thus creating a tropical vacation setting just 10 minutes from downtown Bucharest.

Therme Bucharest Park

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